Thanks for visiting my website. Most of the subjects of my films have been underdogs and generally misunderstood by the media or society at large. They've all decided to do something different, they are all fiercely independent, and they have more in common than you'd imagine. From graffiti writers to copywriters, truck drivers to surfers, DJs and garage rockers to my newest film about the work of Michael Heizer, who may be the most demanding and inspiring artist I've ever met.

People ask if I'm a big fan of these worlds before I document them, but I'm usually an outsider. I like filming people who are dedicated to a unique way of expressing themselves, and I celebrate their art or ideas in film. If you're new to my movies, or think these subjects aren't for you, these characters and the intensity of their stories may surprise you. Except for HYPE! which will soon be re-released to celebrate its 20th Anniversary, all 7 of my feature documentary films are generally available on DVD or digitally (Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc.).

Though I'm notoriously absent from social networking sites and I don't blog or maintain an active internet presence, your interest in my work is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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